Nikolas Pulka

Enthusiastic Multidisciplinary Artist

Aerial straps
Floor Acrobatic
Group Acrobatic
Hand to Hand
Duo Straps
Pole Perch (flyer)
Russian Bar (flyer)
Russian Swing (flyer)

Tour Manager
Artistic Director
Assistant Producer


About Me

French acrobat with straps as main discipline. Nikolas grew up in the heart of the amazon rainforest in French Guiana and spent most of his time running wild in the forest and climbing trees.

His path to a life as a circus artist stated with circus education at École Nationale des Arts du Cirque in Rosny-sous-bois in Paris and continued at National Circus School of Montreal. After graduating Niko spent most of his career working with Canadian companies, working on special events with Cirque du Soleil, and going on tour with Cirque Éloize, Cirque Alfonse, Cirkus Cirkör, Flip Fabrique for many years

Nikolas has progressed as an acrobat and artist during the years, becoming a multidisciplinary circus artist known for his expressive and positive energy.


On Stage

Off Stage

Blizzard - Flip Fabrique

Europe, Canada, US

Interpret artist on the touring show. Performing duo straps, group acrobatics, air track, roller skating, guitar, wall-tramp.

Blizzard - Flip Fabrique

Europe, Canada, US

Tour manager on the touring show. Organizing schedule, training and rehearsal with the touring team. Make communication with venues, organizing arrival and hospitality.

Pippi På Cirkus - Pop House/Krall Entertainment

Stockholm - Sweden

Artist in the circus musical produced by ABBA, interpreting the role of the "bear tamer" and performing aerial straps, acrobatics, dance and canonball man.

Cirkus Mania - Subtopia

Stockholm - Sweden

Assistant producer on the Stockholm circus festival. Working on the pre-production and technical direction of a venue. Producing two French circus companies. Managing a group of VIPs.

The Rise of the Blingbling - Empire Panique

Montreal - Canada

Interpret artist in the theatre/dance project directed by Philippe Boutin (Empire Panique) and choreographed by Elon Höglund (Tentacle Tribe), performed at Usine-C


Florianopolis, Brasil

Artistic director and tour manager for the creation of MESMO, a Brazilian circus project with 6 locals artists touring over south of Brazil.

Zip Zap - MOYA

Cape Town, South Africa

Artistic Director and acrobatic coach for the creation of a new show for Zip Zap Academy, directing 9 acrobates.

2021 -2022
Circus Days & Nights - Cirkus Cirkör

Malmö - Sweden

Original artist from the new production made in collaboration with Cirkus Cirkor, Malmö Opera and Philip Glass.

Tabarnak - Cirque Alfonse

Canada, Europe, Australia, USA, Mexico, South America

Original artist from the creation Tabarnak, performing the disciplines: aerial straps, Russian bar, Russian swing, hand to hand, roller skating, juggling

Barbu - Cirque Alfonse

Europe, Australia, USA

Replacing artist from the touring show Barbu, performing. the disciplines: hand to hand, magic, juggling, teeterboard, pole dance.

iD - Cirque Eloize


Special event cast from the touring show in Mexican Resorts. Performing the disciplines: aerial straps, floor acrobatic, skipping ropes, wall-trampoline, hip-hop dance.

Nationale Circus School (ENC)

Graduated from Nationale Circus School in Montreal as a straps specialist

École Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-bois (ENACR)

Graduated from École Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-bois as a straps specialist